Happy Summer!

 Happy Summer to all the educators out there that are wrapping things up at school and kicking off the summer! What a year it was and we made it!!!  Now that we have some time to slow down and reflect, maybe we can make some paper cranes as well! People have been asking me about a tutorial video on how to make paper cranes and I found this one online. Seems to be a good one to get us started. Please remember to attach a story of memory of Ruth and Jerry to your crane. You are certainly welcome to make more than one. Send your cranes to Cranes for Ruth, P.O. Box 560036, Medford, MA 02156. I will keep you posted as the cranes begin to come in! More soon... 

In Memory Of Dr. Ruth and Jerry Starratt

I was  heartbroken  to hear about the passing of both Ruth and Jerry Starratt.  In the past 21 years, Ruth have gone way past being my program supervisor at Boston University ... she and Jerry became a part of my life. I called her my travel mom as we began attending NAEA conference together, presenting and having fun. I fondly remember riding the waterslides outside the hotel in Miami in 2002 with Jerry. Jerry forever became known as "Waterslide Jerry" after that.  Ruth was the one who encouraged me to apply for the Fulbright Program in Japan. That experience in 2005 changed the course of my artwork and caused me to look at everything differently. She worked with my student teachers the way she had worked with me and was one of the kindest and most generous people.  I kept in touch with her throughout the years, sharing my travels with "travel mom" and "Waterslide Jerry". She would always reply to me as her "travel daughter".  In 2015, when my h